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Here are a few testimonies from Parents and Students on being a Subi Parent and Student

Being a Subiaco Student

"High school is some of the most formative and crucial years--once one graduates, it's off to college and adulthood. From my countless memories there, I could say I was more than prepared. Subiaco is the perfect environment for students, with teachers, staff, and monks, offering all the tools I needed to not only succeed but to excel."

- Apolo Castillo, Class of 2018

"Subiaco has changed my life forever. I’ve made friends here from all over the United States and the world. Through my four years at Subiaco, my classmates and I have become more than friends, we’ve become brothers. Subiaco gave me a view of the world that I could never get at any other school. Subiaco has instilled in me a more global perspective of our world and has taught me to admire and embrace those from different cultures with varying experiences and viewpoints. I just finished my freshman year at the University of Arkansas Fulbright Honors College and as I look back on my time at Subiaco Academy, I am thankful for how prepared I was to meet the rigor, responsibility, and diversity at college. Subiaco
helped me mature as an individual grounded in faith, respect and morality to a level not many high school graduates have the opportunity to achieve. The lessons I have learned and the bonds of brotherhood I have forged at Subiaco Academy will stay with me for the rest of my life. Onward Trojans!"

- Ben Ingle Class of 2018

Being a Subiaco Parent

-Carrie Brown, mother of Jarrod in the Class of 2016

There are so many outstanding things about Subiaco Academy. We are so glad we chose to send Jarrod to school there. He has opportunities to explore his gifts and talents. He is exposed to art, sports, other cultures, music and so much more.  Jarrod is excelling academically. We are so pleased with his grades. His last year at public school we were paying for a tutor, but now he is on the honor roll. That is incredible!
We have also seen wonderful changes in him as a young man. Before he lacked self-confidence, and that concerned us, but after just a few weeks at the Academy he had changed so much. He had a whole new outlook. He began to be so sure of himself and he has begun to emerge as a leader among his peers. We are so proud of him. We were worried, now we are just amazed at his progress.
While we know that Jarrod is receiving the very best education, and he has every tool for success that he could ever need at his fingertips, it is what he is learning that doesn't come from a textbook that we really like to see. Things like manners, discipline, and respect.
We give all the glory to God.  We know He led Jarrod to Subi. He opened all the doors, and I am so grateful. I also credit the monks, teachers, and staff. We believe NO ONE is at Subiaco Academy by chance but by Divine appointment.  I just don't know what else to tell you. We are thrilled! Blessed! and amazed.  All we can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

-Manuel Alexandrino Joao, father of Stelvio in the Class of 2012

Subiaco Academy has been important in the development of my son. I sent my son to America to give him a special opportunity in education. Subiaco Academy represents my ambition and vision for my son, and I am very satisfied with the results. I wanted my son to have the best possible environment, and I achieved this with Subiaco Academy. The
school and the teachers and the students have all been part of my son's education. I think that the experience at Subiaco will prepare him for University and life, and will provide him with the principles and value necessary to be a fine man, a good citizen, and an excellent leader in Angola.

-Kevin Kendrick, father of Jay in the Class of 2010

I also wanted to give you a report on Jay.  He's made it through his first semester of college and he gets to go back for more! The best news is he made a 3.00 GPA in his first semester.  I give credit to the leadership and dedication of teachers and administrator at Subiaco for his success.  It was just three years ago I was praying for help with my son.  Subiaco was the answer to my prayer.  Subiaco taught him learning skills, coping with living away from us (his parents) and dealing with issues inside and outside of the classroom.  You turned a child into a young man. It is without question that Subiaco gave him an advantage over other kids that were leaving home for the first time.  And as you know, Jay needed a place like Subiaco to give him directly into his future education.