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Tuition Assistance

It is a goal at Subiaco Academy that any boy who has the desire, and is a fit, is able to one day call himself a Trojan. Unfortunately, when we see boys left out each year due to lack of family finances, it is painfully obvious we have a long way to go. In the last year we have more than doubled the total financial aid that was given to eligible families. To reach the goal of any boy who meets the criteria being able to call himself a Trojan, we have to increase the amount of funds available. This will take a lot of work and patience. But it is something we have a great passion for and we will see it through so that long after we are gone, Subiaco Academy will be in a position to offer tuition assistance to meet the needs of want-to-be Trojans.
Subiaco has changed the lives of many young men; with your help we can continue this tradition. Your gift unites you to fellow alumni who support the mission and ministry of Subiaco Academy.
We call on you to support your future Subiaco brothers through the tuition assistance program by making your gift today. Click HERE to be taken to our online giving page now.
Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions.
Coach Tim Tencleve
Tuition Assistance Program Director
PHONE: 479-438-0006