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Academy Annual Fund

Academy Annual Fund

From the earliest days of its existence, Subiaco Academy has delivered on the mission of educating young men to be the leaders of tomorrow through Benedictine traditions and values.  But what does that REALLY mean? Beyond the classroom, athletic opportunities, or fine art immersion offered, how are the young men of Subiaco Academy guided in a way that makes this educational institution exceptional?

I’m so excited for you to learn about a unique educational idea that pairs with the already exceptional academics at Subiaco. Developed by Dr. David Wright, Headmaster of Subiaco Academy, the Parallel Curriculum will become another of Subiaco’s differentiators, setting us apart from the ordinary and propelling the Academy into the future.  As with all things new, strong effort and energy are important to getting it off the ground. Your prayers, encouragement and financial commitment to the Annual Fund for the Academy will help us as we set this plan in motion for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Annual Fund supports the overall operations of Subiaco Academy. Gifts to this fund may be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly. Every gift helps us reach the annual goal. AND, don’t forget about matching gifts from your employer that could double the value of your gift! Giving is quick and convenient by clicking the link to the right or call us at 479-934-1029.

Subiaco Academy students of today need your help to become Trojans for Life!

Thank you for faith, trust and belief in our institution and in the students who come to us.  May God reward you for your generosity.

Linda Freeman
Director of Development Operations

Click on the picture below to donate to the Academy Annual Fund.  God bless you!

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