Student Handbook

Student and Residential Life

The goal of the student life program is to give students the opportunity to become key members of this unique community.  Students learn independence in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment. Student life provides the inspiration for students to learn life skills and develop as integrity-based young men who live lives of trust, honesty, and high moral standards-the trademarks of a Subiaco Academy student.   The student life program strives to influence students by encouraging stability in the pillars of faith, character, and brotherhood.  


The Martha Rush Library is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Food and drinks are not permitted in the library. Most books may be checked out for two weeks. Reference books may not be taken out of the library.


All computer use on campus, including personal computers and devices, should follow the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ as agreed by each student in the Enrollment Packet. Violations of this policy may result in corrective action.


Mail sent to Academy students will be sorted by the mailperson and given to the student’s dorm staff. Mail will then be distributed to the students following study hall. To facilitate distribution, mailed items should be addressed to the student in the name that appears in the Academy files. If contraband is suspected of being sent or received through the mail, the student will be required to open his mail in the presence of a staff member.

Open Weekends

Boarding students may leave campus to visit with family during open weekends. They may also visit with the families of other students. All students going home for a weekend must receive approval from the Assistant Head for Student Life. In order to receive approval, a request must be made to the Assistant Head for Student Life at least two days before the visit. If a student is to spend time with a host family, a written invitation must be made by that family.

Parental permission does not automatically grant permission to leave or visit with a host family. The Assistant Head for Student Life, for various reasons, may deny permission for the visit. Students must return to campus by 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

Leaving Campus

Students are allowed to leave campus, with permission from their residential life staff by following the sign-in/sign-out procedure in the dorm. Students signing-out on the weekends for the ridges or lakes must have a group of at least three. In the event of injury, this allows someone to return for help and for someone to remain with the injured person.

Residence Requirements

Every student must live in a campus dormitory or at the house where his parents or legal guardians are currently residing.

Dining Room

Proper conduct towards staff and students in the dining room is essential. Loud and boisterous conversation, use of electronic devices, and/or rough-housing is not permitted. The dining area is to be left in good order. Appropriate clothing is to be worn at all times. Dining room property and or food should not be removed from the cafeteria.

Food and Drink

Food and drink should be consumed appropriately around campus and in school buildings with permission. Food and drink are not allowed in the library or in church.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is important for all people regardless of faith. Attending regular worship is an important part of Subiaco life. Students are required to attend the weekly Academy Mass and other special occasion liturgical events. Attendance at daily Mass is encouraged. Students have an open invitation to attend the Divine Office with the monastic community. Sunday Mass is required of all students on campus


Student driving is a privilege, not a right. These driving privileges may be revoked for failing to comply with Academy rules and policies. The Academy assumes no liability for items in vehicles or for vehicles damaged or stolen while vehicles are parked on or near campus. Students are not allowed to be in the parking lot during the school day and should not loiter there in the morning.

Boarding Students (including 5 day)

With the permission of their parents, all properly licensed boarding students may drive to school. All vehicles must be registered with the Academy and parked in the Student Parking Area located on the west side of campus between Centenary Hall and Wardlaw Hall. All vehicles should be locked and properly parked. Boarding students may not provide transportation to other students without the express consent of both the driver’s parents and the passenger’s parents and approval of the Assistant Head for Student Life. Vehicle keys must be turned into their residential life staff. Failure to turn keys in or secondary sets of keys may result in vehicle privileges being revoked.

Day Students

With the permission of their parents, all properly licensed day students may drive daily to school. All vehicles must be registered with the Academy and parked in the Student Parking Area located on the west side of campus between Centenary Hall and Wardlaw Hall. All vehicles should be locked and properly parked. Students should not visit or move their vehicles prior to the end of the school day without the permission of the Assistant Head for Student Life. Day students may only offer transportation to boarding students with the express permission of the driver’s parents, the passenger’s parents and the Assistant Head for Student Life. Permission by the school will only be granted in cases where the transportation will alleviate a major inconvenience.

Vehicle Registration

In order for a student to drive to school the Assistant Head for Student Life must be given a completed driving application form which can be filled out during registration.

Recreation Room

Subiaco Academy provides recreation rooms around campus. These rooms should be kept clean and treated with respect. No horseplay or roughhousing is allowed. The lights should be turned off after use.

Tennis Court

The Academy tennis courts are used for the Trojan tennis team and for the enjoyment of the student body. This area should remain clean from discarded trash after each use. The lights to this court should be turned off by the last person to use this area.

Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices is only allowed when specifically stated by staff members. Electronic devices should only be used for academic purposes during class periods. Nonacademic use of electronic devices will result in confiscation of the device.


Drones are not permitted on campus unless approved by the Assistant Head for Student Life.

Checking Students Out of School

Students may leave school only with those individuals outlined in the enrollment packet or with the written permission of the parent/guardian, third parties may be allowed to check students out of school. In the case of emergencies, the Headmaster and/or an administrator may grant exceptions.

Skateboards, Scooters and Bicycles
The use of skateboards, scooters, and bicycles is not permitted during the academic day. They may be used after school hours, but away from public entrances, buildings and monastic use areas. Pedestrians always have the right of way. At no time should skateboards or scooters be used past Heard Hall on Subiaco Ave. or on any other public road.

Right to Search
Subiaco Academy retains the right to search, without permission or prior notice, a student and his possessions, including but not limited to lockers, vehicles, and residence hall rooms.

Weekend Activities

Subiaco Academy offers various weekend activities. Activities include cultural experiences, outdoor activities, intramurals, and visiting major attractions in the region. Students can propose new activities to the Assistant Head for Student Life. Subiaco Academy encourages students to participate in at least one activity per weekend. For the purpose of the well-rounded development of our students, some spiritual and social activities will be mandatory.


On Friday nights students are allowed to camp overnight on the nearby ridges. To do so they must request permission from the Assistant Head for Student Life. The Academy must receive parental permission prior to camping trips being approved.

Camping Rules

  • Camping is limited to no more than two groups on any given Friday. Each group is to have 3-7 members.
  • For the first six weeks of the academic year, a camping group may not be composed of only first year students.
  • Students assigned Corrective Probation or detentions are not eligible to camp.
  • No school property may be used on campouts without permission.
  • Groups are to camp at the designated campsites. No one other than the persons approved to be camping may join the group. Campers must remain at the campsite during the entire duration of the outing.
  • No living trees may be chopped. Fires are permitted only in existing fire rings. Students must supervise campfires.
  • Fires must be extinguished completely and the campsite cleaned upon breaking camp.
  • Day students who participate in camping must leave their vehicles on campus. The vehicle’s keys must be left with a residential life staff member on duty.


Subiaco Academy offers an athletic program designed to maximize student participation. Subiaco Academy is a member of the Arkansas Activities Association and follows the rules and guidelines of the AAA. The Academy competes in Region 4 of the 4A conference. Subiaco Academy offers the following athletic activities sanctioned under the AAA: Cross Country, Football, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Quiz Bowl, Baseball, Swimming, Track and Field.

Letter Jackets

Students earn letter jackets through participation in designated school activities. The coaches/directors of activities will determine the criteria for lettering and will provide a list of eligible students to the Assistant Head For Student Life who will facilitate the order.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and exercise is a critical component of staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Physical fitness and exercise also helps students remain alert and attentive in class. For these reasons, Subiaco Academy requires all students to participate in athletics or other after school activities.

Sporting Events

The student body is expected to support their fellow students who are playing sports. Attendance at many home varsity games will be required. Students are expected to show courtesy and good hospitality to visiting teams and all guests on camp

Dress, Uniform, and General Appearance

During the academic day, students are to be in school uniform which should be clean and pressed as applicable.

School Uniform

Khaki colored pants – no cargo pants

Khaki colored shorts – allowed during warmer weather (Assistant Head for Student Life’s discretion); no cargo shorts

Dress, casual, and athletic shoes – no hiking boots

Polo Shirts – orange or blue purchased from the Trojan Shop

Dress Belt – with buckle, no cinches

Hooded pullovers – only allowed if purchased from the Trojan shop;

Subiaco sport team hoodies are also allowed. Subiaco letter jackets are allowed as well as Subiaco sport team jackets.

Overcoats – only during very cold weather a student may wear an outer coat; conservative colors are preferred. Overcoats are not to be worn in the classrooms.

Athletic shoes as well as dress and/or casual shoes are permitted to be worn with khaki pants and khaki shorts while wearing the regular school day uniform. Subiaco sport team jerseys are allowed to be worn by team members on game days.

Formal Dress

Khaki colored pants – no cargo pants

Dress Shoes or Boots – no hiking boots or athletic shoes

Dress Shirt – long sleeved, collared shirt

Undershirt – solid white, worn under dress shirt

Tie – professional dress tie Dress Belt – with buckle, no cinches

V Neck Sweater – optional and available in the Trojan Shop

Formal attire must be worn to Sunday Mass, School Mass, and other special occasions as announced. This formal dress uniform is also worn at the Senior Ring Ceremony and Commencement.

Apparel outside of class hours

A shirt is to be worn at all times on campus, except at the swimming pool and on the athletic or intramural fields. Shoes must be worn in the academic buildings, dining room, library, and study halls. Hats are not to be worn at any time during the academic day.


Hair is to be neat and well groomed at all times. Hair is not to extend below the eyebrows, below mid-ear on the sides or below the top of the collar in the back. Sideburns must be no longer than the bottom of the ear. Students are not to dye or bleach their hair. The following do not meet Academy standards: patches or cutouts, tails of any kind, beards, mustaches, or facial hair. Unless pre-approved, students may not shave their heads. The administration will have final discretion on what is considered neat and well groomed.

Subiaco Academy administration reserves the right to bill a student’s account for the cost of an academy provided haircut or remove students from classes, including semester/final exams, with unexcused absences for failure to follow the grooming policy.

Piercings and Tattoos

Earrings and other piercings cannot be worn. If a student has a tattoo(s) it should be covered by clothing. Students are prohibited from getting additional piercings or tattoos while students at Subiaco.

Daily Schedule

The boarding student’s daily schedule starts with wake-up at 6:30 a.m. Breakfast is mandatory and begins at 7:15 a.m. The academic day is from 8:00 – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 – 2:40 p.m. on Friday. After school activities, whether sports or intramural activities continue until approximately 5:30 p.m. Dinner is at 6:00 p.m. Study Hall is from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. when the boarding students gather for Night Prayer. Lights out will be at 10:30 p.m. for all Senior High students from Sunday through Thursday. Lights out will be at 10:00 p.m. for all middle school students.

Lights Out

Lights out indicates that all lights and electronic devices are off, and students should be in bed trying to sleep. Fridays and Saturdays lights out will be at a time determined by the Assistant Head for Student Life.

Visiting a Room

Dorm courtesy requires that a student may not enter another student’s room without first knocking and being invited to enter. A student is not to enter a room if no one is present. Doors are to remain unlocked when students are in the room. Students who do not follow these guidelines will be required to leave their doors open when student guests are in their rooms.

Residence Halls

The following guidelines pertain to all residence halls:

The student’s room is to be kept clean and in good order. Rooms are to be prepared for daily inspection by the residential life staff on duty.

Beds are to be made before classes during the week, on Saturday by 11:00 a.m. and on Sunday by 9:15 a.m.

All room decorations must meet the approval of the respective residential life staff. They should not damage room furnishings and should be in good taste as determined by the Assistant Head for Student Life.

Computers, monitors, and sound systems are acceptable equipment provided that they are compatible with available space and group living. Popcorn poppers, immersion heaters, hot plates, coffee pots, and microwaves are prohibited in student rooms. A violation will result in confiscation of the item.

Microwaves are provided for use in common areas. Students may use a mini-refrigerator provided they pay the use fee. A student will be held financially responsible for any defacement or damage to his room and its furnishings or any other Subiaco Abbey/Academy property.

The costs of damage to common areas will be shared by the residents of the common area unless the responsible party is identified.

Students are expected to lock up all valuables. Students are expected to lock their room when they leave the room.

Students should not keep cash in their rooms. Students should keep cash in the business office for safekeeping.

Students should keep a record of serial numbers that pertain to valuable electronic items to help recover any missing equipment.

Candles, lighters, incense, matches, etc., are prohibited and will be confiscated. Matches and/or lighters needed for camping may be checked out from a residential life staff member and checked in upon return.

Out of respect for the sensitivities of others, music and other noise must be audible only in the room in which they are playing. Headphones are encouraged.

Additional instructions and regulations will be given by the residential life staff

Residential Life Reports
Residential Life reports are issued to all students and their parents at the end of each quarterly grading period. These reports are written by the staff and reviewed by the Assistant Head for Student Life. The purpose of these reports is to explain student’s conduct, violations of school rules, and/or areas needing special attention. An “X” for School Life denotes unacceptable dorm behavior.

Visitors to Campus

Visitors are welcomed to campus outside of class hours. Visiting must take place during the designated visiting hours and in designated visiting areas. No female visitors will be allowed in dorm rooms other than immediate family members. Female family members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents. Visitors are expected to follow all Academy rules, policies, and campus boundaries. Visitors who do not follow Academy rules may lose visiting privileges.

Visitation should be done in public areas of campus, although not in parking areas. Public displays of affection, such as but not limited to kissing and sitting on another’s lap, are not permitted. The Academy does not allow for private visitation with young ladies outside of the immediate family at any time.

Visiting Hours

Fri. 3:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Sat. 12:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Sun. 12:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Visiting hours end promptly at the designated times.

Visiting Parents and Adults

Visiting adults and parents may only spend the night in the Coury House or designated areas on campus. Please contact the Coury House for more information at 479-934-1290.


Laundry facilities are available for students at the Academy. The students should keep the laundry area clean and not leave personal belongings unattended.


Pets of any kind are not allowed in residence halls.

Day Students Staying Overnight

Reasons to Stay

Day students requesting overnight lodging in Academy dormitories should request permission from the Assistant Head for Student Life. This may be allowed because of a school event leaving in the early morning hours the following day or returning to campus late in the evening on the same day. In these instances, day students are not charged for staying in Academy dormitories.

Permission and Fee

Parents of day students requesting overnight lodging in Academy dormitories for convenience or visitation purposes should request permission from the Assistant Head for Student Life at least three days prior to date of stay. Day students who remain on campus for convenience or visitation will be charged $50.00 per day.

Overnight Rules

Any day students staying in Academy dormitories will abide by all rules and policies of Subiaco Academy and are subject to the oversight of Academy personnel. This includes, but is not limited to, the search of the personal belongings or vehicle of the day student.

Fire Drills

For the protection of all, the buildings are equipped with fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other necessary systems. When the fire alarm sounds, students must leave the buildings in an orderly fashion, following posted evacuation directions. Students are to remain quiet and follow directions given by the instructors. Causing false alarms or disabling smoke detectors or fire alarms will result in corrective action. Fire drills are held at times assigned by the Assistant Head for Student Life.

Camera Security System

Subiaco Academy’s residential halls and other areas are equipped with a camera security system for the purpose of student safety and security of property. This system is for security only, and the privacy of Academy students is not violated. Students and parents sign a waiver during enrollment acknowledging the system.


Academy Keys and Locks

The residence hall staff distributes room keys. If a key issued by the Academy is lost, the Assistant Head for Student Life will replace it and the student’s account will be charged accordingly. Unauthorized possession or copying of keys is prohibited and will be considered a major breach of discipline and referred to the Assistant Head for Student Life.

Non-Academy Keys and Locks

If a student has a lockbox or uses a combination lock, not issued by the Academy, the residential life staff must be given a copy of the key or combination

Identification Cards

Student ID cards are issued upon enrollment at Subiaco Academy, all students and staff should wear their IDs on campus. All Academy service personnel are authorized to confiscate cards that do not belong to the person using them.



Student transportation is arranged through the Assistant Headmaster. Students should provide an itinerary to the Assistant Headmaster and/or should sign-up for Academy provided transportation.

Bus Guidelines

For reasons of safety and good order, the following guidelines are to be observed when riding the Academy buses:

  • Board the bus only when given permission by the driver.
  • Board and exit bus through the front door only.
  • Keep all parts of the body inside the windows.
  • Do not roughhouse.
  • Do not throw anything out the windows.
  • Do not sit on the seat backs.
  • Keep the noise level under control and be courteous of others.
  • Be silent when requested by the driver.
  • Clean up all trash when exiting the bus.

Academy provided Transportation

Subiaco Academy often provides transportation for students at extended breaks and holidays. Please refer to the school calendar on our website Students arriving late and/or missing the scheduled transportation may have extended wait time at the airport while additional transportation arrangements are made. If a student wishes to avoid these wait times, the family would have to pay to use a taxi.

Transportation Fees

Academy provided transportation will generally result in additional student fees. These fees are listed in section 6.25.