Student Handbook

Honor and Discipline

The primary objective of Subiaco Academy is to foster a system of education, guidance, spirituality, and community fellowship that develops both the mind and body.  To that end, all of the academic classes, religious activities, and extracurricular programs are designed to enhance a close fraternal and cooperative relationship built on mutual respect and Christian love.

Teachers and staff endeavor to communicate by their words and actions, a sense of the spirit of St. Benedict, as expressed in his rule: a respect for the value of work, development of personal talents to serve others, a sense of peace and fraternity, self-discipline, trust, and an appreciation of the Christ centered nature of monastic communities.  

Honor Code

The student body has adopted and expects each student to strive to uphold the following Honor Code:

As a student of Subiaco, I understand that I am a part of something bigger than myself. This means that I have the rights of being a Subiaco student, a Trojan, and later, to become an alumnus. Rights and responsibilities go together. My responsibility is to uphold the honor and tradition of Subiaco, to refrain from doing things that would bring dishonor to Subiaco.

Subiaco Abbey and Academy and our traditions have ancient roots. These traditions started at this location over 135 years ago, but through our founding, these traditions extend back to St. Benedict who lived during the fall of Rome. St. Benedict and Subiaco follow the Tradition of the Catholic Church which connects all of us back to the time of Christ and His apostles, who are Jews in the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. At this point we have arrived at the foundations of written human history.

Subiaco is a shining city on a hill from which young men have gone out into the world to bring the light of faith, character, scholarship and brotherhood to others. Subiaco, and I as one of its ambassadors, can change the world for the better. But to truly make the world better, I must first become better. I must become a Subi-man.

A Subi-man exhibits Benedictine values. By calling myself a Trojan or a Subi-man, I promise to remember these values, to carry them with me, and to exhibit them in my behavior to the best of my ability. I promise to take correction from others when I fail and to encourage others in their struggles to become a true Subi-man.

A Subi-man lives the following values:

 S – stability

U – understanding

B – brotherhood

I – integrity

M – moderation

A – accountability

N – nobility

By living out these values in my daily life, I will become an example to others. Some men may look up to and admire me for these traits, but others may despise me because I exhibit the qualities that they have not had the courage or opportunity to develop in their own life. A true Subi-man, like Christ himself, will be both a light to some and a stumbling block to others.

Honor Court

The Honor Court is a group of students who have been peer-elected to uphold the student body Honor Code. A student who is found to be in violation of the code should be referred to the Honor Court advisor. A hearing will then be conducted to decide if the student in question is found to have dishonored himself or the community. The Honor Court is obliged to bring their findings to the Assistant Head for Student Life with the court’s suggested course of action. A copy of the court’s proceedings will be kept on file as a reference for future cases.


Detention may be given as a consequence for an infraction(s). These may be served after school or on Saturday. Saturday detentions are more serious and are served at a time determined by the Assistant Head for Student Life.


The Assistant Head for Student Life may suspend a student when deemed necessary. A student may be suspended for serious or repeated misbehavior. Suspension automatically places a student on probation.

A suspended student is not allowed to attend classes or participate in any school-related function, even as a spectator, until he is released from suspension by the Assistant Head for Student Life. A suspended student must make up the assignments missed. A student who is suspended during semester exams will be allowed to receive full credit; however, other consequences may follow.

Immediate Separation

The Headmaster of Subiaco Academy reserves the right to separate a student from the Academy at any time when the attitude or behavior of the student is judged to be contradictory or harmful to the atmosphere and values of Subiaco Academy.

Students separated from the Academy must leave the campus within twenty-four (24) hours. Separated students may not visit the campus in the future without permission from the Headmaster.

Corrective Probation and Readmission


The Headmaster, Assistant Head for Student Life and/or Conduct Board may place a student on corrective probation for serious or repeated conduct which could lead to the separation from the Academy. Students on corrective probation may be assigned a variety of consequences. A student generally remains on probation for one year. The Headmaster makes all final decisions regarding probationary status and separation.


A separated student may be readmitted to the Academy, but must present evidence of significant attitudinal and behavioral changes to the Administrative Team.

Conduct Board and Appeals Process

Conduct Board

The Conduct Board is composed of the Assistant Head for Student Life and three faculty/staff members appointed by the Headmaster. The Guidance Counselor will be present to serve as the student advocate. The Conduct Board recommends consequences to the Headmaster. He or the Assistant Head for Student Life notifies the parents and other necessary parties of the actions taken.

Appeal Process

A student has the right to appeal the Conduct Board’s decision through an appeals process as follows:

  • The Guidance Counselor acts as advocate for the student.
  • The student presents to the Headmaster, in writing, additional evidence which may warrant review.
  • The Appeals Review Committee composed of the Headmaster, a teacher of the student’s choice, a teacher of the Headmaster’s choice, and the Assistant Head for Student Life (ex-officio) is convened to review the evidence.
  • If the Appeals Review Committee believes the additional evidence does not warrant a review, the appeal is denied.
  • If the Appeals Review Committee believes the additional evidence warrants a review, the Conduct Board will reconvene to consider the additional evidence.

Major Offenses

Some behaviors are more damaging to self and community than others. Major offenses include but are not limited to:

  • Physically endangering others
  • Violent outbursts or threatening language
  • Extreme disrespect of others
  • Refusal to obey legitimate authority
  • Theft of property
  • Use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs to include vaping
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Repeated or major academic dishonesty

Any major offense will be referred to the Honor Court and/or the Conduct Board if it does not result in immediate separation or suspension. The Conduct Board may recommend extended community service, counseling services, corrective probation, or separation to the Headmaster. In instances of theft of property and/or destruction of personal property, restitution shall be paid.

Classroom Behavior

Student behavior which disrupts the learning environment of a class, demonstrates lack of cooperation, or shows disrespect toward others, will result in corrective action. Being sent from class for disruptive, uncooperative, or disrespectful behavior will result in more serious corrective action.

Drugs and Alcohol

The possession, sale or use of illicit drugs, non-prescribed prescription drugs, canned air, alcohol, electronic cigarettes, vape pens and other substances by any student will not be tolerated.

If there is probable cause to suggest that drugs or other substances are being used by a student, the school reserves the right to require a drug test to be taken. The costs of testing will be charged to the student’s account. Refusal to take a drug test will be considered an admission of guilt and may result in permanent separation.


All forms of pornography are forbidden. In addition, the computer or electronic device used for pornographic purposes may be confiscated for a period of time to be determined by the Assistant Head for Student Life


The possession, use, and distribution of tobacco and nicotine products in any form are prohibited regardless of the age of the student. All offenses are to be reported to the Assistant Head for Student Life for corrective action. Repeated infractions will result in increasing consequences including being separated from Subiaco Academy.


No weapons or ammunition are allowed in the student’s possession or on campus. Violations of this policy will not be tolerated.