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Clubs and Activities

Subiaco Academy encourages membership in various clubs, organizations, and competitive academic teams on campus that promote community service and the development of fraternal and cooperative relationships among the students. In keeping with the school’s mission statement and the Benedictine charism, these activities and organizations all have a faculty advisor for guidance but are run by students elected to leadership positions by their peer membership.

These clubs/organizations, listed below, meet as necessary during the Teachers’ Assistance period, at lunch, and after school. The National Honor Society membership is elected by the faculty and the Blue Arrow requires recommendation by the administration and faculty members. The other organizations have open enrollment.

In addition to the Arts and Athletic activities on campus, the diversity of these additional clubs on campus gives each student a place to belong and contribute his talents to not only the Subiaco Academy community but the local community as well. Click on the names of the clubs and organizations to your right for a description of each club and its service orientation.