Legacy through tradition.

Each year, a number of medals, scholarships, and awards are presented to deserving students. Many of these awards are given thanks to the generosity of donors who believe in carrying on the legacy of Subiaco



Thanks to the generosity of members of the Subiaco community, these awards are presented each year by the Academy to deserving students, as selected by the Faculty and Administration. Click an award to learn more about it.

Medals are presented to students each year by chairs of each department. Selected based on their excellence in their field, medals are given for Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, World Languages, Social Studies, Art, Instrumental Music, and Piano. Medals are also given to the student with the highest scholastics average, and a medal to the student with best application to studies.

The Americanism medal is given to a student who is outstanding in service, honor, and leadership and who has been effective in fostering good will among the various student groups. 

The Subiaco Academy Board of Trustees each year awards a medal and a $500 scholarship to a student who exhibited exemplary character, love of Subiaco, and a commitment to scholarship. 

Br. Tobias DeSalvo, born June 30, 1946 in Center Ridge, Arkansas, a 1963 graduate of the Academy, and a monk of Subiaco Abbey. Following in the footsteps of his half-older-bother, Abbot Raphael DeSalvo, and his uncle, Fr. Christopher Paladino, Br. Tobias entered into a prep program for candidates of the Abbey in 1963, and was professed as a novice on September 8, 1966. 

As a monk of forty-two years, Br. Tobias served in many roles: Director of Facilities, caretaker of the Abbey Vineyard, and served as a teacher and dean of the Academy from 1968 to 1999. Br. Tobias was among the first deans of Heard Hall, a role he served for twenty-three years.

Beginning in 2019, Subiaco Academy presents the Br. Tobias DeSalvo Medal for Residential Life to an upperclassman who has exhibited respect, fair treatment of others, team work, and leadership in the daily residential life in the Residential Halls.

An award is given each to the student who has shown the greatest and most impactful involvement in campus activities. 

Each year, the Coury Cup is awarded to the best all-around athlete. The Cup is sponsored by Coury Investments in Miami, FL in memory of the late George Coury, Class of 1924.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Pereyra of El Paso, Texas was a 17-year-old Junior at Subiaco Academy when he faced a a crisis on April 25, 1940. On a school outing at Cove Lake, about 10 miles south of Subiaco, the boat carrying him and two younger students began to sink. He tried to assist them to reach the nearby shore but developed cramps himself. He would not let the other boys help him but ordered them to swim to safety. He drowned before rescuers could reach him.

Every year at graduation, a student is chosen by the Academy Faculty and Administration to receive the Pereyra Award for Unselfishness.

The Medal for Good Character is awarded to an upperclassman whom students respect and who has proven his character by personal actions during his years of attendance at Subiaco.

The award is named in honor of Martin Schriver, a carpenter for Subiaco Abbey and Academy from 1900 to 1970. It is presented to a student who exhibits an exemplary work ethic, involvement in school activities, and respect for teachers and fellow students.

The award is presented to a student each semester as elected by the faculty and administration. A student may only receive this award once while attending Subiaco.

The Religious Activities Medal is given to the student who has shown the greatest involvement in their faith and religious activities while at Subiaco Academy.


The Victoria and Patrick N. Wardlaw Scholarship was established by by Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wardlaw of Waco, Texas in 2006.

Mr. Wardlaw graduated from Subiaco Academy in 1946 and and met, during his senior year, his wife, Vicki, a native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, who graduated from St. Scholastica Academy.

The Wardlaws consider Subiaco Academy, its faculty, and the Order of St. Benedict to have played a major role in their lives. They also credit the lessons learned at Subiaco Academy and St. Scholastica Academy for providing an excellent springboard toward their rewarding marriage and Mr. Wardlaw’s successful business career.

Through this endowed scholarship fund, the Wardlaws wish to provide deserving Subiaco graduates the opportunity to pursue their higher education goals and to recognize those who represent the highest ideals of the Academy. The award of $10,000 is made to a graduating senior of the Academy who has shown citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship, scholarship, ambition, and integrity. 

The Fr. Paladino Scholarship is awarded to a student that possesses and exhibits high Christian principles as determined by the Academy administration. The student is nominated by his Christian doctrine teachers and must exhibit above average grades in Christian Doctrine, conduct, and application. The award is $500.

The Fr. Clement scholarship is awarded to assist a rising senior who is proficient in Math and Science, with the hope this will encourage Math and Science excellence in the Academy. The award is $500.

The Coach Maus Scholarship is awarded to help an upperclassman who has shown some of the qualities and loyalty to the school exhibited by Coach Maus during his 49 years of active associations with the Academy as a student, athlete, teacher, coach, and administrator. The award is $500.

Jason R. Cleveland was the Valedictorian of the Centennial Class of 1987. During his time at Subiaco, Jason was a member of National Honor Society, the Tutor Club, and was a Student Council Day Student Representative. He was a three-year letterman for basketball, and was selected for all-region in 1987. He was also awarded with the medal for Americanism.

Shortly after graduation, Jason was killed in a car accident in July of 1987. 

The scholarship is given to current junior day student who has achieved above average grades and who has exhibited good conduct and character. It was established by the Cleveland Family and memory of their son.

The award is $500.

The Eugene H. Weisenfels Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 is awarded to two graduating seniors who have displayed excellence in faith, knowledge, honor and strength in family. The scholarship is given by Chris Weisenfels, in memory of his father, Eugene Henry Weisenfels, Class of 1945. Chris is a graduate of Subiaco Academy, Class of 1981.

A one-time scholarship in the amount of $5,000, given by Fred and Carolyn Johnson of Rogers, Arkansas, is being awarded to a graduating senior who has made a positive impact on his school and the students attending Subiaco Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson believe that success in life is usually determined by those who have had a part in “touching other’s lives.” Their hope in giving this scholarship is to provide a little support in beginning life’s wonderful journey.