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Senior Class Project

Today the Class of 2019 is conducting their senior class project.  Every year the Senior Class does a project that betters the Academy.  A few senior projects in the past have been laying grass in front of the new plaza or building a lounge area between Fuhrmann Hall and Alumni Hall.  Whatever the project maybe it is done to help benefit the Subiaco students in the future so they can have an amazing experience like the Class of 2019 has had here.   

This year the Subiaco Academy Class of 2019 have decided to clean up the ridges where St. Peter's chair is located.  During their time at Subiaco, the students have had the opportunity of hiking up to this beautiful location just Northeast of the Subiaco Academy.  In recent years, the trees have grown to be very tall and it's obstructing the view of the monastery from the location.  Under the direction of Fr. Patrick Boland, Guidance Counselor Robert Pugh and Subiaco Alumni Coordinator Matthew Noble, they and the Class of 2019 will be cleaning up the brush along the trail and assist with moving some of the lumber that has been cut for use in our Abbey Wood Shop.  Let's pray that God will bless them for their hard work and their dedication in keeping Subiaco beautiful and clean for future classes to come to visit.