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Subiaco football

Subiaco Academy Football

The Subiaco Academy football program strives to promote healthy competition along with teaching our young men invaluable lessons in sportsmanship, participation, leadership, responsibility, and the value of being part of a team.

Subiaco's football program can be traced all the way back to 1924.  The Alumni of Subiaco who took to this field from 1924 to present today are proud you chose Subiaco as the place for you display your God-given talent to the world.  Come be a part of the history that is the Subiaco Football team, which has in its history 247 All-District Players and 43 All-State Players.

The Subiaco football program is a tool for teaching our players about life and how to compete and succeed. Ultimately, Subiaco Academy is about helping young boys become well-rounded good men with solid Christian values. We work hard to incorporate this concept into everything we do with our football program. We also invite and encourage every student, regardless of experience or skill level, to become a part of Subiaco football. 

If you're interested in joining the Subiaco Football team and continuing this legacy then you can speak to Coach Mike Berry, Coach Ken Stovall, Coach Adam Creek or Coach Robert Pugh.  


2018-2019 Jr. High Football Team

2018-2019 Varsity Football Team