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Fine Arts

The goals of the Fine Arts program are to instill an appreciation for all arts, to nurture creative abilities, to transfer knowledge to other disciplines, and to encourage life-long learning. Within a structured and stable Christian environment, the arts strive to foster a sense of respect, maturity, cooperation, and work ethic consistent with the Christian values taught at the Academy.
Computer Graphics:  This is a course that integrates computer technology with artistic creativity. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, students will learn the basic tools and functions of the programs. After becoming familiar with the software, students will apply basic principles and elements of art to produce original and creative designs. They will also be asked to produce various designs for campus activities, publications, t-shirt designs, and other practical artworks that may be needed throughout the school year.
Middle School Visual Arts:  This is a semester course for seventh and eighth-graders.  The curriculum helps students understand how media, technique, and process are used to create works of art by exploring a wide range of notions about the meaning and purpose of visual art; how artworks are structured; how art has a variety of functions; how to utilize a strong work ethic and proper safety procedures; how to improve craftsmanship and problem solving abilities; how historical and cultural contexts provide meaning for works of art; and how to respect art materials, school property, and peers.
Fundamentals of Art:  This is an introduction to the principles and elements of two-dimensional art with strong emphasis placed on basic drawing during the first semester. The second semester will be dedicated to three-dimensional art in the area of ceramics, concentrating on hand-building techniques and wheel throwing. This course is designed for students will little or no previous experience in art.
Advanced Art:  This is designed for students with prior experience. Students will explore a variety of artistic mediums, enhancing their creative abilities with challenging and unique projects. Deserving artworks will be entered in exhibits and competitions. All students will have their artwork displayed at the school during various times of the year.

Prerequisites:  Fundamentals (or comparable course); Approval of the Department and Academic Dean
Drama (Theatre Arts): This is a survey course in theatre. Rather than an in-depth lab in acting or playwriting or technical theatre, design or directing, the course will act as a survey of all these facets of theatre as well as a survey of Theatre History. Each quarter is dedicated to one of four distinct but interrelated aspects of the Theatre Arts: Quarter 1—The Stage (fundamentals acting methods); Quarter 2—The Plan (Design and Technical Theatre); Quarter 3—The Page (playwriting); Quarter 4—The Process (Directing). The course is intended to expose students to a plethora of specialties within the theatre through projects and activities.
Guitar:  This is a year-long course. Its primary goal is to foster an appreciation of expression through sound. As the student progresses on his instrument, he will have the opportunity to express himself through music and, at the same time, begin to appreciate the artistic work of other musicians. The guitar is a lifetime instrument that is at home in most musical styles. Beginners will learn tuning techniques, chords, scales, and picking techniques common to most styles of guitar playing. Private and group instruction will be given with ample time provided for individual practice.  Advanced students will be allowed some choice in the stylistic direction of their playing. Students may perform publicly on a voluntary basis. Students must own an acoustic guitar. Beginning and Advanced level classes are offered. 

Prerequisites:  Approval of Department and Academic Dean
Jazz Ensemble: This is a year-long course. The primary goal of this course in the musical arts is to foster an appreciation of expression through sound. As the student progresses on his instrument, he will have the opportunity to express himself through music and, at the same time, begin to appreciate the artistic work of other musicians. This is a public performance-based class. The students will learn the nomenclature and history of their chosen instrument, perform as soloists and members of an ensemble, and develop music reading and writing skills. The Subiaco Jazz Ensemble performs music in the following styles: Traditional blues, 30’s-50’s big band, be-bop, swing, rock, R&B, and fusion. It is important that our high school music students not only learn to perform this uniquely American music but also come to an understanding of its origins. This ensemble is open to instrumentalists of varying skill levels on the following instruments: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, percussion, trumpet, and trombone, and alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. Admission to this ensemble is by audition only.

Prerequisite:  Approval of Department and Academic Dean
Advanced Piano: This is a two-semester course which provides instruction both technically and musically to enable students to perform and understand music in an artistic manner. This course is designed for those students looking for a more intensive learning experience by working in a one-on-one lesson setting. The student will select and prepare advanced-level piano literature from each of the following musical eras:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern.  Students enrolled in this course will perform selected pieces during quarterly studio classes, piano juries, and semester recitals.

Prerequisite:  By audition and approval of instructor.
Middle School Music: This is a one-semester course which meets during the spring semester of the seventh-grade year. Students are involved in listening to and analyzing music, playing instruments and singing. During the first quarter, we will explore music from the major epochs in Music History in addition to learning to play the recorder.  During the second quarter, we will learn about music from different cultures from around the world and learn to play musical instruments native to Africa and Latin America.