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Hermina Fox

Position: Teacher

Contact Information:  Email:

Subjects/Activities/Responsibility: AP Language & Composition; American Literature and Southern Literature; Sophomore English; Journalism

Education:  B.A. English, Arkansas Tech University 1985.

A Little About Me:

I have been a teacher at Subiaco Academy since the fall of 1986 and have taught at nearly all levels in the English department. I took over the journalism responsibilities in the fall of 2000 and work with students to produce the school yearbook and a magazine to feature student literary works and artworks.

One of the joys of being in the English department is that I can help students develop skills as writers, skills that they can use in many areas of their high school and college years and then into their careers.

When I am not at school, I like to spend my time outside in the flower and vegetable gardens at my home, or harvesting and canning the produce for winter enjoyment.  I love being outside and some of my fondest memories are of hikes and other outdoor activities.