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Bro. Raban Heyer O.S.B.

Position: Teacher/Coach/English Department Chair

Contact Information: Email:

Subject/Activities/ResponsibilitiesVocation Director, English Department Chair, Head Track, and Cross Country Coach, English 9, Pre-AP English 9, Short Stories, J.R.R. Tolkien: Myths, Critics, and Contexts of The Lord of the Rings, Proctor of Captains’ Club, Proctor of Sōlī Ērudītī Librīs

Education: BA in English: Benedictine College, MA in English: Ohio Dominican University

A Little About Me:

I came to Subiaco, joining an incredible group of monks in the fall of 2014. Before my entrance to the monastic life, I lived in over a dozen states, attended four high schools, and taught at two high schools and two middle schools, having a blast at all of them. During that time, I’ve traveled through all of the continental United States. More than equipping me for my life and work at Subiaco, those experiences have prepared me to recognize the unique beauty and opportunity Subiaco offers to all who come here, whether to attend our academy, to join our community, or just to visit. All we are missing is a hockey rink, but I have two students who assure me they’ll make it happen.

In the absence of enough ice on which to skate, I also enjoy reading, writing and running. Our carpentry shop also provides a pleasant way to spend a free afternoon, whenever that mythical creature sneaks up on me. Primarily, however, I love working with the incredible students we have in our academy, whether in the classroom, out running, or off with some activity. I’m unspeakably lucky to serve them in the context of the monastic community as the monks meet for prayer five times every day to pray for our students, ourselves, and the world.