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Subiaco Academy is offering eSports to students grades 9th - 12th grade.  In offering students another opportunity to grow and connect with their brothers here on campus, eSports is a great opportunity to learn different skills such as critical thinking and teamwork.

The benefits of eSports are Character Development, Increase Participation, Stem Engagement, and College Scholarship.

Character Development - Students build character, develop discipline, self-esteem, and sportsmanship through practice and gameplay.

Increase Participation - eSports promotes inclusion between different nationality, races, and genders.  It also engages students who might otherwise participate in school athletics.

Stem Engagement - eSports players are often interested in STEM classes or programs.  A high percentage of collegiate eSports players select STEM majors.

College Scholarship - More than 300 college universities offer eSports scholarships and are actively recruiting players for eSports programs.  More college in Arkansas and surrounding states are building eSports programs and arenas.

If you think your student would be interested in eSports then there is no better place than Subiaco Academy for him to compete! 

Onward Trojans!!