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Tim Tencleve

"You can't think your way into right have to live your way into right thinking." Sports, above all, helps in this quest.

We are very proud of our basketball tradition at Subiaco. Despite the small size of our student body, basketball has always fared well in conference play and has routinely played a very rigorous non-conference schedule with 7-10 games per season against the state's largest classification. We work hard and allow the players to see how they stack up against the best. By playing the best, the players gain great experience as well as confidence and motivation.

Having served as head coach here for 34 years, we have won 11 conference championships, while playing in the district tournament finals 19 times. We have been to 11 regional finals (winning eight) and have played in the state tournament 15 times. 13 players have been named All-State and 6 have been selected to play in the state All-Star game.  In my 34 years, my overall record is 593-393.

If you are a student considering which sport to learn, then I would encourage you to think about basketball. If you are a parent hoping to direct your son into a sport, then feel free to speak with me to see if basketball might be the sport most beneficial for your son. You can also email me at  We have a long, proud and honorable tradition in basketball at Subiaco. I hope you will join me as we continue that tradition by writing our part of its history! 

In Christ,

Tim Tencleve 
Head Basketball Coach

2019-2020 Jr High Basketball Team

2019-2020 Varsity Basketball Team