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Welcome to Subiaco Academy Tennis Page

Here at Subiaco Academy, we have a long historical record in the Class 4A Tennis.  The Tennis team can be tracked all the way back to 1938. For much of the history, Br. Adrian Strobel lead the Subiaco Tennis program and became the most winningest coach in school history.  For 40 years, Br. Adrian has an overall record of 283-59-5 and has won conference team titles 32 times, conference doubles titles 32 times, conference singles titles 21 times.  He also coached 10 doubles teams, 5 single players to state championships in his career.   He was also a 4 time Arkansas High School Coach of the year.

Now, Fr. Cassian Elkins has taken the helm of the Subiaco Academy Trojans Tennis team looking to build upon the success his predecessor has left for him.  The small team environment is a proven success for the Tennis team. It will ensure you get more one on one training with your coach and other teammates.  If you are interested in continuing this legacy at Subiaco then speak to Fr. Cassian in person or by email at about joining the Tennis team.  He would love to have you join this prestige program.

2018-2019 Tennis Squad

2018-2019 Tennis Squad

Subiaco 2, Pottsville 2

In the last match of the regular season, the Trojans hosted the Pottsville Apaches. In Singles, Conner Gosalvez lost in a tie-breaker 6-8. In Doubles, ...

Some success in tennis

It was a busy week for the Mighty Trojans. On September 11th, the Trojans traveled to Dardanelle to face off against the Dardanelle Sand Lizards. In S ...

Win at Morrilton, loss at home

The Mighty Trojans traveled to Morrilton on August 28th to compete against the Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs were panting from fierce competition in both ...