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Why Subiaco?

Continuing a 1,500-year tradition of Benedictine education, the monks of Subiaco have shaped the hearts and minds of young men since 1887. Our mission is to grow our students graciously to manhood in the Benedictine tradition of whole-person development. Wstrive to form young men of faith, character, scholarship, and brotherhood. The Academy works to instill in its students the spirit of St. Benedict’s Rule: a respect for the value of work, development of personal talents to serve others, a sense of brotherhood, self-discipline, and trust. Subiaco graduates attend some of the finest colleges and universities across the U.S.  

At Subiaco Academy, we know that a young man has few opportunities to prepare for meeting the personal, professional, social, and spiritual challenges he will encounter in his lifetime. Today's culture is in desperate need of men who know how to live a life of discipline, intellectual curiosity, honor, and integrity. We seek to instill these values in our students and teach them to confidently bring their gifts into the world. 

As the #1 Catholic High School in Arkansas, Subiaco Academy promotes high-performance learning. Part of the immense value of a Subiaco education is in developing an appreciation of work and prayer. This is achieved through the dedication of both lay and religious faculty. These ideas are reinforced daily in the classrooms, sporting activities, artistic endeavors, and community life by challenging the boys to attain a high level of achievement. 

Our extraordinary academic program is complemented by a parallel curriculum developed around concepts of character, integrity-based leadership, and entrepreneurship so that every student is immersed in the life and faith-building activities that will accentuate his well-being and give him advantage both at the collegiate level and in his life beyond. Subiaco Academy’s affordable tuition makes it one of the best values in the American independent school environment.  

Brother Raban, Chair of the Subiaco English Department

Brother Raban, Chair of the Subiaco English Department