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Welcome to Subiaco Academy!

We are glad you are here and visiting our website. I would like to personally invite you to visit our campus. Visit anytime. You are always welcome at Subiaco.

The young men who come to Subiaco find many things:

  • First is Faith. We are a faith-based school for the
    Lord’s service.

  • Second is Scholarship. We are pleased to be a challenging school and one that challenges the boys to succeed. Many go on to more challenging adventures from Subiaco.

  • Third is Character. A young man will develop his character here. He will become a leader. Leaders come in many forms. Subiaco will help him find his hidden gifts.

  • Fourth is Brotherhood. From the time he steps into Subiaco Academy till the day he dies, he will have a brotherhood of Alumni, Monks, and Teachers that have a genuine interest in his success.

We would love to talk with you personally about Subiaco Academy.

Look through our website and enjoy the pictures of our beautiful campus. If you are not already familiar with the proven benefits of both a Boarding School and an All-Boys School, then I invite you to click on the links on this page to familiarize yourself with those advantages. Everyone here hopes the best for each boy. We are part of their lives. They are a part of ours!

Come join us at Subiaco Academy!


Pat Franz '78
Director of Admissions
479-934-1003; 479-438-0003 (cell)
Skype: pfranz123