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Cheryl Goetz

Cheryl GoetzPosition:  Academic Dean

Contact Information: (Work) 479-934-1260  Email:

Responsibilities:   Education Administrator, Curriculum, Faculty Supervision, Class Scheduling

Education/Degrees: BA in English Literature, Lyon College (cum laude)

MA in English, Arkansas State University (4.0 GPA)

Certification in Catholic School Leadership, University of Dallas

Certified in Secondary Education (English/Language Arts/Oral Communications), State of Arkansas


A Little About Me:

I was born and raised in the Delta region of East Central Arkansas where cotton and rice were kings during my childhood. My parents are both children of sharecroppers who told my brothers and me from an early age that a solid education was foremost. My Dad, who registered for school in August, then missed school until late November in order to help his family with the harvest, was especially adamant about taking advantage of every opportunity afforded us at school. I am the first person on either side of the family to earn a college degree from a four-year school.

One of my strongest influences was my paternal grandmother who did not learn to drive until she was in her late 50s; she was the example that made me know that I could learn to ride a motorcycle for the first time in my late 40s. Grandmother always told us it was never too late to learn, and that with a good education, we could achieve our dreams. I was fortunate to attend an outstanding high school that had several inspirational teachers. I felt from the age of 16 that I had been given a vocation to teach; in fact, I was never certain (until as a college senior I got to know Roy) that I would be a wife and mother, much to the chagrin of several great aunts who thought to be a spinster, especially a school teacher spinster, was an unpardonable sin. I had a strong Christian faith background from my mother who taught me that faith should be a part of everything I do. I have always tried to teach and treat my students as I would want teachers to teach/treat, first my youngest brother, then my own children. I made the move into administration because I wanted to take my teaching experience into teacher support/education and curriculum development. One of my primary goals is to be a good support and guide for teachers, especially beginning teachers. I also see the example of Christ as Teacher before me. I am human and often fall short of the ideal, but it is my hope that the students, parents, and teachers who come into contact with me feel that they have been heard. I enjoy writing and often have the opportunity to contribute to publications associated with the Academy.  I’m grateful also to live and work in a place that gives me beautiful landscapes to recreate through watercolor and acrylic.

At heart, I am a teller of stories. That’s why I enjoy telling stories through music with my husband and friends. I also enjoy telling my son and daughter (and students) stories of my childhood and adolescence—stories of laughter, pain, and growth that are part of my human experience.  

I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Subiaco Academy, and I am excited to be a part of advancing that mission in the years to come.