Subiaco Academy has a culturally and linguistically diverse student population.  The Department of Languages capitalizes on this existing diversity by requiring all students to seek proficiency in a language other than their native tongue.  This common goal promotes a sense of community, mutual support, and respect among the different national and ethnic groups on campus.

Introduces the student to the Chinese world, its people and its culture, through the study of the Chinese language. Emphasis is placed on language development that integrates the skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Students will earn to give and respond to oral directions and commands, understand and use forms of address and courtesy, ask and answer simple questions, discuss their lives concerning interests, needs, and daily routines, and function in a practical situation using the target language. To support this communication, students will study vocabulary, grammar, and usage in both oral and written forms through class discussion and online practices. In doing so, students will be able to read isolated words and phrases in a situational context, comprehend brief written direction and information, and read short narrative texts using the Chinese language.

builds on the fundamental skills and cultural information introduced in Mandarin Chinese I and introduces more advanced structures in grammar and usage.  Additionally, geography, history, and different aspects of culture are more focused on specific regions and time periods.  Students are expected to read, write, listen, and respond in given contexts using the target language in class and authentic online practices.  Students will be able to interact in a variety of situations, participate in a conversation on a variety of topics, understand main ideas and facts from simple texts, read aloud with appropriate pronunciation and tones, and write familiar words and phrases in a response to a given situation. Also, students will be able to write paraphrases, summaries, and describe different aspects of Chinese culture.

Prerequisite: Mandarin Chinese I

Develops skills in the major areas of grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and listening and speaking skills.  Students will be tested in all of these areas.  Emphasis is on the usage of the Spanish language.

Expands the student’s understanding of the Spanish language.  The students will be required to write papers and give oral presentations in Spanish. These projects will cover various cultural topics in different Spanish-speaking countries.

Prerequisite:  Spanish I

Enhances and further cultivates the student’s usage of the language.  Students will compare and contrast the similarities and differences of all twenty-one Spanish speaking countries. Students will be required to interact and speak the language with proficiency.

Prerequisites:  Spanish II; Approval of the Department and Academic Dean

This is a course for qualified students who wish to complete studies in a secondary school comparable in difficulty and content to an advanced-level college course. The course is intended for students who wish to develop proficiency and integrate their language skills, using authentic materials and sources.

Prerequisites:  Spanish III; Approval of the Department and Academic Dean