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The Headmaster's Report

Subiaco Academy Prepares for August Reopening

Stability and community are core Benedictine values at Subiaco Academy. These values drive our decision making in all things.  Despite an uncertain world, we are planning for and working toward an August 2020 reopening, welcoming new and returning students.  Learn more about the work we are doing here

Subiaco Academy's Future

Strategic planning is a critical element of an organization's future. At Subiaco Academy, we see our strategic initiatives document as a living and breathing plan that gives a sense of direction and illuminates a path forward that accentuates the many blessings of our Benedictine principles. The process we used was inclusive and comprehensive as our constituents forged a vision of this special place. As we continue to grow our students graciously to manhood, these initiatives will guide our day-to-day decisions and operating values. Behind the document, we have created measurable goals and deadlines. The Board of Trustees will ensure accountability at their quarterly meetings through check-ins with Academy administrators. I hope you will be energized when you read the Subiaco Academy Strategic Initiatives document. 
David Wright, Ed.D.

Innovative Thinking

Learn more about what makes Subiaco Academy so special.  From our Parallel Curriculum to our approach to Whole-Person Development and Twenty-First Century Skills, our focus is always on growing our students graciously to manhood.