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Staff Directory

The Faculty of Subiaco Academy

Melvin Breedlove

Senior Dean/Activities Coordinator

Steve Brooks

Residential Dean

Michelle Chuang

Teacher/World Languages Dept. Chair/Admission Assistant

Andrea Cooper

College Guidance Counselor

Adam Creek

Residential Dean/Coach

Fr. Cassian Elkins O.S.B

Teacher/Coach/Religious Studies Dept. Chair

Adam Fleetwood

Residential Dean/Coach

Tina Forst

Admission Assistant/Business Office

Dc. Roy Goetz

Chaplain/Teacher/Fine Arts Dept. Chair

Don Goetz


Dianne Hart

Mathematics Instructor

Br. Raban Heyer O.S.B.

Teacher/Coach/English Dept. Chair/Vocations Director

Jeff Ingle

Teacher/Math Dept. Chair

Karla Kennedy

Controller of Subiaco Abbey & Academy

Charles Kremers

Director of Food Service at Subiaco Abbey & Academy

Robert Pugh

Guidance Counselor/Coach

Patrick Richey

Director of Campus Ministry & Mission

Nick Schluterman

Technology Assistant/eSports Coach

Bob Shelton

Technology Director/Technology Dept. Chair

Heath Spillers

Teacher/Science Dept. Chair

Kenneth Stovall

Teacher/Coach/Social Studies Dept. Chair

Tim Tencleve

Coach/Development Dept.

Barbara Wilhelm

Academy School Nurse

Pat Franz

Director of Camp Subiaco

Larry Perrault