The family unit is an important part of an education at Subiaco Academy. It is our desire for parents to feel safe and confident leaving their sons with us. The security of each and every student is paramount and for that reason, many policies and checkpoints are in place to ensure your son’s safety. You’ll read about this in-depth in our Safe Environment Section.

Parents will be working hand-in-hand with the Business Office of the Academy to handle all matters relating to tuition, financial aid, allocation of spending money, and fee payments. Feel free to contact the Business Office as needs arise.

We respect our parents of both day students and boarding students and welcome you as an extension of the Subiaco family. As official Parent Association members, we invite you to support our young men in extracurricular activities, support the staff and teachers as well as each other, and lastly, help with fund-raising opportunities as needed.

By acknowledging one another’s strengths, we will cooperatively maintain the best all-boy high school in Arkansas as we continue to rank at the top of the list for Best Catholic High School in the state.