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Faculty and Staff

An education at Subiaco Academy highlights the Hallmarks of a Benedictine Education: 

  • Prayer: a life marked by spiritual reading and liturgy
  • Stability: a commitment to the daily life of the Academy
  • Conversatio: an ongoing conversion to God and formation in virtue 
  • Obedience: a commitment to listening and consequent actions
  • Discipline: as a way toward learning and personal freedom
  • Humility: an acceptance of the demand for realism and accountability
  • Stewardship: a respect for God’s creation and moderation in the use of resources
  • Hospitality: a call to see Christ in each person and be open to each other
  • Community: a call for service to the common good and respect for the individual
Subiaco staff

The Faculty and Staff of Subiaco Academy are a thriving and successful community of persons, fully committed to a common mission. We see ourselves as pilgrims on a journey for the wisdom that leads to God. It is the responsibility of the Faculty and Staff at Subiaco Academy to bring the students along on the pilgrimage—to cultivate the growth of men who are in search of not only intellect, but wisdom.   

We have listed below our faculty and staff in alphabetical order. If you would like to see a fuller bio of a particular person, just click on the name.

Melvin Breedlove

Senior Dean; Weekend Activities Coordinator

Michelle Chuang

Director of ESL, Modern Languages Chair, Admission Assistant

Andrea Cooper

College Guidance Counselor

Tina Forst

Administrative Assistant/Admission Assistant

Dc. Roy Goetz

Chaplain, Teacher, Fine Arts Department Chair

Don Goetz

Teacher, Coach, Bus Driver

Dianne Hart

Mathematics Instructor

Br. Raban Heyer O.S.B.

Teacher/Coach/English Department Chair

Jeff Ingle

Teacher, Math Department Chair, Honor Court Supervisor

Karla Kennedy

Controller of Subiaco Abbey and Academy

Charles Kremers

Director of Food Services at Subiaco Abbey & Academy

Robert Pugh

Counselor, Teacher, Bus Driver

Patrick Richey

Live Stream Coordinator

Bob Shelton

Technology Director/Computer Science Department Chair

Heath Spillers

Teacher/Science Department Chair

Kenneth Stovall

Teacher & Social Studies Department Chair

Tim Tencleve

Coach/Development Department