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Arriving on Campus

The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the monastic population is paramount and our plans for bringing our community back together reflect this purpose.  Working with our local and state officials, as well as health professionals from our on-site Mercy Clinic, we have developed the following protocols.  It is crucial that we all work together to keep one another safe and healthy.

Quarantine At Home 

August 1-15 While testing is not required, ALL students are asked to quarantine prior to arrival on campus. This means staying at home and limiting close contact to family members ONLY for the 14 days before traveling to campus. During this time, all students will be asked to monitor themselves for any CoVid19-like symptoms.

Returning To Campus

August 13 - 15 All students will arrive on campus over the course of three days. We believe this period will be critical as it will bring the most number of people to campus at one time.  Plans are in place to layer protective mitigating practices including distancing, handwashing, room sanitization, mask-wearing, and more.  We ask that you respect our policies and procedures, knowing that we are dedicated to keeping Subiaco Academy open and students in classes for the 2020-2021 school year.   

  • Masks are required for students, faculty, staff, and family members at all times. Please help us keep our older population safe. Face masks can be procured at the Academy front desk if needed. 
  • Families who wish to do so will be able to ship belongings to campus ahead of time, to be delivered to student rooms. All shipments can be sent to Subiaco Academy, 405 N Subiaco Avenue, Subiaco, AR 72865 in care of your student’s name.
  • A student may be accompanied by one person in the residence halls. Subiaco faculty and staff will be available to provide assistance. Please plan to stay the minimum time required to move your student into his room.
Daily Protocol Beginning August 17   

All students will receive a Subiaco Academy mask at registration.  Masks are required in all buildings, in all classrooms, and between classes.

Day students utilizing Subiaco transportation will be required to have a mask prior to entering the bus. The temperature of each student will be taken prior to loading.  Students with temperatures at or above 100 F will be asked to return home. Temperatures will be taken with a temporal (forehead) thermometer.

ALL students will be required to start their day in the Academy lobby.  Temperatures and observations of vitals will be done by Subiaco Academy personnel.  Students exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to attend class but will be evaluated further by the Academy’s school nurse. Faculty in the first class of the day will verify that all students have been appropriately screened prior to entering the classroom.

Drop-off students are required to be dropped at the student parking lot behind Wardlaw Hall.  Drop off families are asked to not carpool or share rides without masks on at all times.

Visitors to campus will be restricted based on state and federal guidelines. If you have a need to be on campus, please call the person you intend to see in order to determine current guidelines. 

Students who may have been exposed or are exhibiting symptoms OR who have family members exposed or exhibiting symptoms are asked to stay home.  Real-time online classes are available to any student isolating at home.  If you believe your student should stay home due to suspected symptoms, please notify the Academy’s school nurse, Barbara Wilhelm at 479 934 1009.